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Three-Technology won the Sixth National Safe Production Technology Achievement Award
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  Recently, the company, together with China University of Mining and Huainan Mining Group Co., Ltd. declared "the first large-scale mine rope smart key technology and equipment replacement research", the State Production Safety scientific and technological achievements of the sixth prize. The review produced a total of 451 award-winning achievements, which, 46 first prize, second prize of 107, 298 prize.
  I company with leading security technology and technological achievements and products, has won this award for two consecutive years, proved safe production and technological achievements in domestic R & D and industrialization of the leading position of our company.
  Fifth safe production and technological achievements prize:
  AQJ-3-1-06 Shaft technology and equipment to enhance securitySixth Production Safety Technology Achievement Award:
  Key technology and equipment research 6-A5-0096 first large-scale mine rope smart replacement

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