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Sunshine Successfully Held New Year Party
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  “Come on! Come on! Come on!” “ One, two ,three…” “Ha-ha, another score” ….In order to motivate Sunshine staff to start the work of this year in a positive mental state, and to create healthy and harmonious working atmosphere. On December 31st, various kinds of leisure activities were warmly carried on within the company, which was quite eye-catching. Tug-of-war, relay race, kicking shuttlecock, rope skipping, badminton, table tennis, basketball, etc. gave great delight to all staff at the New Year festival.
  All Sunshine staff tried their best with courage and energy, and took positive part in these activities which made them have great fun and relieve their pressure. Their strong and vigorous figures, bright smiles and compact and orderly sequences are vivid show of the positive mental state of Sunshine staff. After fierce competition, jury members discussed and elected the awards for activity groups and individuals.
  After these activities, all the staff gathered in the canteen area to celebrate New Year’s Party. At the beginning, the Deputy General Managers made their work reports of the Year of 2015, and then our Executive Director Jia Fu-yin gave his best wishes to all Sunshine Staff and their family. He also made a conclusion to the work of the Year 2015 and made new expectations for the Year of 2016. The party started with the Host’s New Year wishes. Solo and chorus added the festive atmosphere for this party. The lucky draw activity was especially exciting, which burst waves of applause and cheers. Two lucky stars from the Sales Department No.1 won the first Prizes.
  Farewell to the Year of 2015, and we have stood at the new starting line. With the great expectations in 2016, we accumulate the energy and are ready to take off. With our enthusiasm, persistence, hard work, sincerity and efforts, let’s make new success and write chapters for Sunshine!


Relay race


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