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Kick-off Meeting of UFIDA ERP-U8 Program
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  On January 12th, our company held the kick-off meeting of UFIDA ERP-U8 Program, the leadership and program team members, together with the Partner party attended this meeting. The meeting was held successfully, which marks the ERP-U8 program steps from the planning and preparatory phase into implement and deployment phase.
  The Executive Director, Jia Fu-yin emphasized the meaning of ERP at the meeting. First, each department shall actively make the most of the internal resources, take active part in the ERP Program and innovation is encouraged to import business information into ERP, so as to improve work efficiency and reduce costs. Second, ERP program must be well planned, and steadily promoted. Personnel responsible for each business scope should study hard to acquire operation skills and provide more constructive suggestions.
  Prior to this kick-off meeting, UFIDA Software Co., Ltd. had communication and researches for several rounds with our leaders at all levels, reached consensus with us and finally reached the goals on each issue. We believe that with the cooperation and efforts and the help of UFIDA Software sound service, our company can transmit data and information in a timely and effective manner, so as to improve the management quality.

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