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Two Sunshine Products Identified as Provincial “New High-tech Product”
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  Recently, HGJ-800/15/2500D Type Friction Hoist Overwinding Cage-arrestor Device and HGJ-250/11/1200D Type Friction Hoist Overfalling Cage-arrestor Device were Identified as “New High-tech Product” by Jiangsu Science & Technology Bureau, which is another honored award granted to our company following “New High-tech Enterprise”. This is high recognition and confirmation to our core self-dependent intellectual property and independent research &innovation ability.
  New high-tech product refers to new products conforming to the range, technical field and product reference directory of key national and provincial high technologies. The successful identification as “New High-tech Product” consolidates the advanced status of our company and reflects that our scientific research achievements gained wide recognition from society and government.

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