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Sunshine held Product Business Skills Training
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  In order to make staff better know our primary products and well acquire business skills, Sunshine Science & Technology Co., Ltd. organized product business training of  Year 2016 on February 16th,2016, with the purpose of training the employees to be high-qualified, competitive and highly skilled, so as to provide better service to mining enterprises. More than 70 staff attended in this training, including medium and top management and staff from each department.
  This training aims to “Charge” the employees, and help them to improve business skills, and strengthen the team cohesion. The training centers around product introduction, sales skills, business procedure, and contract signing, etc. During the training, all the attendees listen carefully and take notes. The trainers shifted from the traditional theory lecture, and applied an innovative method of combining the company products and practical product application in integrated mine shafts. During the training, all the attendees discussed the issues in their practical sales activities and shared their experience. In this way, Sunshine staff improve their private ability and increase the team performance.
  After the five-day training, the attendees all say that through this training they not only know better about product introduction and product demonstration, but also learn more about the skills to communicate with clients, which helps greatly improve their service quality.

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