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Kickoff meeting for sales work in the year of 2016
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  At 3:30 p.m. February 23rd, 2016, all sales staff, and office staff assisted to sales activities attended “Kickoff Meeting for Sales Work in the Year of 2016” in the meeting room on the first floor. This meeting was hosted by our General Manager Yu Yong Jun.
  At the meeting the General Manager raised the following measures to finish the sales tasks: 1. integrated division of sales areas. Complete the district deputy general manager responsibility system. Realize larger sales scales by means of advertising platform and market promotion. 2. Divide the market of rope replacement market in details so as to capture market information in a timely manner and spare no efforts to compete for new orders. 3. Improve sales assistant staff’s work efficiency and quality.
  Next our General Manager made an overall analysis on the current product market condition, and proposed that in 2016 the Sales Department shall put emphasis on developing new clients who need rope replacement to breakthrough the zero-new market situation, and this would be the performance assessment reference. He also expected to change the existing sales model by the advantages and the professional resource of the Sales Department, so as to realize the professionalization of the sales team and make pleasant conditions for successful product sales.
  Finally, our General Manager asked the attendees to keep a close eye on sales target and make efforts to finish sales tasks, so as to provide satisfying achievements for our company.

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