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Director of National Security Administration Mission Center, Mr. HE Guojia and his party’s inspectio
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June 2017 is China’s 16th production safety month, the supervisory group of National Security Administration Mission Center was sent to Xuzhou for a visiting of the first National Security Technology Industrial Park which is located in the High-tech Zone of Xuzhou city. The picture below shows the supervisory group is watching the operating demonstration of the equipment, Mr. JIA Fuyin, chairman of our company was in the accompany.

Sansen Science is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on mine hoisting & transport safety equipment engineering R&D, design and manufacture. Our independent R&D YHC-type Rope-changing Vehicle is the only mine hoisting & transport safety equipment which can compete with the German SIEMAG (CMG) in the world. Through technological innovation, the intelligent mechanical rope changing system ensure all the workers in the hazardous area are replaced by machinery, which greatly reduces the workers’ intensity, eliminate hidden dangers of operation in the shaft, and also change the rope-change from the traditional method of artificial time 4 days to 40 hours, all of these show remarkable social and economic benefits.

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