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  In addition to providing high quality products, Xuzhou Gongda Sansen Technology Co., Ltd. is firmly committed to the establishment of superior after-sale service system, which bridges our customers and Sansen Technology. Adhering to the service concept of “be enthusiastic, be active, be professional, be effective”, Sansen Technology is the first to present the 5S service criteria as its core service, which is “safety, specialty, skill, specification, speed”, providing customers excellent service.
  The engineering department is responsible for the pre-sale instruction, installation, commissioning and maintenance. During the operation and maintenance, the engineering department will manage the information of target customers and follow up the installation, commissioning and service, and keep the information on record. The centralized service inquiry, unified management, uniform standard service mode is adopted to ensure the customer and product information for a better service to the customer. The engineering department receives such businesses as service inquiry, fitting supply and technical support across China, enabling a timely response to customers’ requirement and quick troubleshooting by our engineers.
  Service: 00 86 0516-82308716

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